Thursday 24 September 2009

Yellow Futures

Oh, and my latest and absolutely taken by it is the fenomenally altermodern window display of Selfridges.I feel the yellow logo is pure genius, but then logos were very much postmodern in preocupation, what captures my aim are the little connected islands of display oh my! the little giant ducklings and all..Now, for me the difference, where it crosses the line of altermodern has to be with their display on their Centenary windons and the one on Future 2109 also called 'Idea X'....

Yes, they have had amazing displays over the years, see the 2007 ones, for example 2007 windows

and April 09 windows

But I never felt that the earlier versions in 2007 transcended the objectification of their own commodities, they quite couldn't fetishise them enough pass the artifact of fashion -in itself a very good goal of postmodern period, and as such, no complains here. I liked them, like I like other displays. However, the new displays suggest a finnese of current thinking that other shops and chains in our High Streets as well as exhibits, fashion and design -including those from Selfridges ino ther occasions- are still not quite getting...but these, the centenary and in particular the x-2109 have captured some of the altermodern period beautifully. I was so mesmerised by the 2019 that it just took my entire day, missed all my appointments...the designers -Wieden + Kennedy- deserve a price, more than one, whatever a price would be in a conceptualised altermodern idea

I mean...Here are the ones for 2109

Selfridges Future
Element 15856

and must see more detail of the alphabet Details

Of course, what is crucial for me in the defintion of this display as an altermodern preoposition is the narrative of each of the letters, not just the mere display. The re-telling of each letter into a future narrative, the journeying of each letter and so of each story for each of the objects, in their insular and simultaneous alphabetic story.The objects encased and illustrating these narratives are beautiful in themselves, each one echoing the new telling, adding on, increasing a departure from the previous one and of the totality itself.The capture of time displaced, and heteronormic moving across the lines is intensified with each letter, and the fact that the viewer can actually skip letters, jump across, make words with them, and re-tell in as much the alphabet extend towards the missing X.

Try making a word, like tree, or yellow, and read the letters in that order, and the stories within..that's what I mean. Here is for you: Q -for qUEER (basically, you do need to add the other words to get the full telling, but I hope you get my meaning here. I only got the Q, so it is quick vacation of my virtual holidays, virtually anywhere...

You can see some more here, really worth the look....Alphabet

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