Thursday 24 September 2009

Winner of Time (Yellow Futures 2)

X is for XTRA HOURS IN THE DAY CLOCK - Never be pushed for time again. Simply pull the lever and this clock will double your time. An hour of indulgence can last for two, and a week off will feel like a fortnight.

By Brenda Durham, The XClock

This above is the Selfridges winner.
I think this public competitions where people choose one item is a seriously dated modern concept. The winner was the Xclock, but then, dated the idea of competition on of choosing 1 item as it is, the choice on time does meet at the heart of altermodernity as being concerned -in one of its themes: with the heterocronos.
The event makes me feel of a kind of juxtaposition of intentions between publics, ideas, exhibit that feels right on time, out of time, so to speak....

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