Monday, 9 March 2009

Altermodern Economies

Earlier on I commented on how Postmodernity had enlarged itself. The enlargement of Postmodernity owes to a series of factors, one of it is the inherent ability of this period to reconstruct its own alterity as part of a reflexive paradigm, thus enabling ideas, concepts, art, exchange of goods and so on to implode onto other generalising metaphors such as 'globalisation'.

In a sense, one could say, postmodernity had a life larger than itself, simply because it could project itself onto other conditions better than any movements prior to it. It could also deconstruct and semanticise without many boundaries. One of the reasons, though, why postmodernity lasted longer,in this kind of enlargement is because of the current social context, a context that has been re-defined through the second wave of the financial crisis: the economic crisis wave (first being financial, then economic, then social, I mean).

In 1995 I witnessed an economic crisis in Japan, and shortly later smaller bursting of bubbles, the .com bubble for example. Some of the resolutions to those crisis were postmodern and took us to an unprecedented space vacuum that was made clear when the 2008 crisis came along.

Without the power of the financial world in mystifying the elements that lead to building up of the current financial collapse I feel, perhaps, postmodernism would have entered a sense of change and movement different than, the altermodern period. Postmodernism lasted long, and it did (and still echoing, it is not a 'beginning and end' kind of preposition, or rather both postmodernims and altermodernims coexist at present) thanks to the good measure of financial, social and economic expansion of the period thrown in, for good measure, as if it were.

So, altermodern economies start at a time when postmodern economies are struggling to position themselves in that enlarged space that used to inhabit. It is yet to see if altermodern economies will serve us the purpose of highlighting inequality and the many deficits in our social justice, or it will be lost in a vortex of imploding economies and social practices.

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